To our valued community

Victory Search Group’s dedication to recruiting diverse leadership

Victory Search Group is deeply saddened by the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, and the continued violence against the black community across our country. In light of this injustice, we are publicly acknowledging our commitment as a firm to use our platform to combat racism, prejudice and discrimination in all forms.

Recruiting diverse leadership has been a priority for Victory Search Group. Now, with even greater intentionality we want our partners to know that we are individually and collectively committed to help create inclusive workplaces, where all individuals feel heard, safe, valued, and are able to thrive.

COVID-19 Response

As the world rapidly changes in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we find more meaning than ever in our core belief that people matter. Victory Search Group exists to serve its clients and candidates. You are at the heart of everything we do and your well-being is important to us.

During this unprecedented and difficult time, we understand that you may be experiencing challenges as people are working as quickly as possible to adapt to the daily changes of the market.

We would like you to know the Victory Search Group team is skilled and equipped to continue to support you with the high level of service we have always delivered. We have always strived to do whatever it takes to overcome challenges and make a positive difference to you and your success and will continue to do so.

Creating a well-crafted resume

I am amazed at how often I am asked by candidates if their resume should be only one page in length. More often than not, my answer is no. A resume is an outline to the story of your professional life. The longer you’ve been in the work force, the longer your resume should be.

Individuals with 10+ years of post-graduate work experience, should ideally provide a two page detailed resume. In addition to listing education, company names, titles, locations, and years at each job, you should include information on the types of companies listed: i.e. industry, size, private, public, etc. Be sure to highlight how your current role fits into the department or organization. Include how many people report to you and to whom you report. Emphasize the size of the business, P&L accountability and improvements you made to the business. Be sure to emphasize key accomplishments and ways that you have exceeded goals and expectations. Also highlight any community, non-profit, professional organization or board memberships/ affiliations.

Senior executives with a long list of progressive job experience and accomplishments in their field are encouraged to present a resume that is 2-3 pages in length. When circulating a multiple page resume, an addendum can be used after page 2 to provide further information about possible publications, achievements, awards, licenses, etc.

A resume is a marketing tool used to highlight your accomplishments and differentiate you from other potential candidates. It should give the potential future employer a firm understanding of the type of experience you have, along with the desire to learn even more about you. A well-crafted resume, of an appropriate length, will open doors to interviews and future career prospects.

Candidate Confidentiality

Few things are more important to me as an executive search professional than my ability to ensure and protect each candidate’s confidentiality. Those familiar with retained executive search know that we proactively approach gainfully employed executives and ask them to become candidates for searches we are conducting. If we can’t ensure passive candidates that their participation will be confidential, it’s understandable Continue reading

10 Years of Success

10 YEARS OF SUCCESS. As we prepare to celebrate our ten year anniversary in 2013, we thank our clients and candidates for their loyalty over the years. We have completed more than 200 successful searches and look forward to completing many more over our next decade and beyond.

Recruiting for Uplift Education

Over the past four years Victory Search Group has recruited 19 transforming educators to the leadership team and to campuses of Uplift Education in North Texas. The nationally prominent charter management organization, whose goals are to close the achievement gap among students regardless of socio-economic or ethnic background and ensure that 100% of its students graduate and enroll in college, is on track to serve 13,000 students by 2015 at 39 schools.


AVANCE-Dallas, a grassroots nonprofit agency that delivers a unique educational program for low-income families, has selected Anne Thomas as its Executive Director. A favorite at AVANCE, where she previously served as Operations Manager, Anne has a strong nonprofit leadership background including a Director position at Big Thought (the arts and education organization), as Vice President at ChildCareGroup, and as Chief Operating Officer and Interim CEO (two years) at the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County.